Super spray Revolutionises Window Cleaning

A new wonder product is likely to revolutionise the way windows are cleaned in London. A newly developed silicone spray from manufacturers Ross Nanotech is set to take the window cleaning industry by storm. Not only does it seem to repel water, dirt, grime and grease; it claims also, that once applied, windows will be free of bacteria that can often be found in the corners and sills of windows.
The advantages of this product for the window cleaning in London industry and its customers are obvious; cleaning windows in high rise buildings would become much safer for the operatives of the cleaning companies at the same time be cost effective for their clients; as windows would not require to be cleaned as often.

The further advantages of this revolutionary product that whilst protecting the glass from dirt, the manufacturers claim the spray will can minimise the build up of ice on surfaces and can actually protect surfaces many time better that alternative anticorrosive products.

The product was originally developed for various applications in hospitals, as it claims that as dirt, oils and grime does not adhere to surfaces the threat of bacteria being present is reduced.

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