End of term cleaning for student accommodation

Summer is at last with us and therefore the end of the scholastic year and many students will have completed their courses and will be travelling home or to a well earned gap-year, or holiday. But before the end of year parties and holidays; there’s the niggling subject of tidying and cleaning, before vacating your student housing. Almost all students are conscious of the requisite to clean their accommodation at the end of rental period, especially those that have been studying and living in the London area for some time.

Some students only become aware of the responsibilities that come with renting student accommodation. The landlord or agency will expect the accommodation you have resided in during the past months, to be returned in the same condition as when it was first rented. And that includes delivering it back in a clean and tidy order; if it is not, in must cases the landlord has the right to withhold the price of the cleaning from the deposit that was required at the commencement of the rental period. Many times the deductions will be greater that if you employed a reputable and professional cleaning company prior to vacating, Alpha 1 cleaning is such a company.  Why use your valuable time cleaning when there are reputable with amazingly low rates, that will have the techniques and experience to clean your accommodation in a fraction of the time it would take you and prepare it ahead of landlord or rental agency inspections.

Even if you’ve spent the year living on campus or a privately rented house, it’s normally required that you leave it tidy and as clean as the when you started your rental period.

If you have decided to do the cleaning yourself, it’s beneficial that a list of areas to be cleaned is written down. Doing this will mean that you’ll not have omitted anything and working through the list, will ensure you leave nothing out.

Include everybody who’s resided at the accommodation to participate; make it fun rather than a chore, apportion the tasks and see who are able to have their chores done the quickest and best.

If you plan to have a end of term party, it perhaps will be a good idea arrange for a reputable company to come in and clean and tidy on the day after.

A group of students contributing in the cost of a professional cleaning company need not pay very much or a tidy and clean residence with little or no efforts for each of them.

The majority of students would like to economise as much as possible enabling them to use the money something more profitable to them. But if your accommodation is determined to be unclean with soiled carpets, these possibly will be the reasons that you will not have your down payment refunded.

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