Cleaning Offices looks to be a major expenditure for UK Businesses

A recent survey carried out by a well known office Supplies Company discovered a surprising number of office environments were full of bacteria. Among the causes for this is that we try to fit more work into our day; thereby consuming food and drinks at our desks. Two thirds of those surveyed admitted that they ate food while working at their desk. And even more surprising, most confessed that they did not clean their work areas after consuming food there.

It was found that computer keyboards and telephones were the worse for harbouring bacteria and that two thirds of desktops in fact had greasy finger marks on them at the end of the working day. If not cleaned professionally, bacteria and germs can then be transferred to whosoever also has use of these.

Many offices and work areas are increasingly open planned making the transfer of viruses, germs and bacteria more easily transmitted. Sickness at work is expected to rise this year to an all time high, with projected costs of office cleaning reaching many billions; it is more important to utilise the cleaning services of Alpha 1. Not only are they professionally competent, but will prove to be the most competitively priced.

Quite rightly you should be concerned about the health hazards of such an environment; even more so during the months that flu viruses are more prevalent. Alpha 1 Cleaning Company Ltd is your London corporate cleaning company. They do not just seem to clean and tidy work areas but all are sanitised and left hygienically clean and smelling fresh at the start of the working day.

Alpha 1 is able to fulfil all your office cleaning needs. Not only will your office be cleaned at regular specified by our contract. And to our normal task list such as, empting waste bins, dust and polish desktops, vacuum floors; but most importantly sanitise telephones, keyboards and computer terminals. Your office will be fresh and hygienically clean. We guarantee that you will find no better cleaning contractor in the London area.


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